NGSS for Instructional Leaders

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The Vermont Science Initiative (VSI) -- in partnership with the Vermont Agency of Education -- has been collaborating with the highly regarded Next Generation Science Exemplar (NGSX) System project team to develop and implement a series of professional development programs for teachers and teacher leaders throughout Vermont.  This NGSX program is helping Vermont scale up school district capacity to support NGSS-centered science instruction that challenges students to develop transferrable skills through arguing with evidence to develop and use explanatory models of how our world works.  To date, 16 Vermont districts have in-house teacher leaders prepared to implement NGSX within their school districts

Now the NGSX team is launching a 1.5-day institute for instructional leaders called Principals Learning About Networking and Supporting 3-Dimensional Science Learning (PLANS).  The PLANS pathway will support instructional leaders in figuring out constructive strategies for supporting teachers as they implement NGSS. 

We highly recommend that district teams of two or three* attend together, for example, a principal, a teacher leader or an NGSX facilitator from one district, if possible.

* in order to allow multiple sites to attend we will limit teams to no more than 3 unless space allows

Audience: Curriculum Coordinators, Principals, Coaches and Teacher Leaders

When:  March 27 from 1- 4:30 pm and March 28 from 9 am to 4 pm

Where:  ECHO Leahy Center for Lake Champlain, 1 College Street, Burlington, VT

Cost:  $50

Bring with you:  A wireless laptop or tablet

What are the Goals of PLANS?

  • Build an awareness of 3D science teaching and learning (as described in the K-12 Framework for Science Education and NGSS), your role as an instructional leader, and what that entails for the classroom, K-12;
  • Develop a shared language around the elements of NGSS and the Framework to work collaboratively with teachers of science;
  • Understand the necessary journey of professional learning required for teachers to enact the new vision of science in their classroom;
  • Understand the journey required for instructional leaders;
  • Identify strategies to build a community of NGSS-ready instructional leaders who can support excellent science teaching in their building/ district.

What will I be doing?

This seminar is designed as an interactive, face-to-face experience of 3-dimensional science.  As adult learners you will build your knowledge of the core practices – modeling, argument, and explanation.  Participants will:

  • Experience doing science in an NGSS-aligned way using video cases of science classrooms, hands-on engagement in sense-making activities, and exploring academically productive talk.
  • Watch teachers engaging in collaborative knowledge building with their students, as they participate in core scientific practices.

What will I get from this seminar?

  • Tools and strategies to support teachers who are committed to shifting their teaching practice to align with the Framework and NGSS.
  • Strategies to participate with teachers -- as they are moving through the various phases of changing their teaching practice.

Who will the participants be?

  • Your fellow participants will be building principals (K-12), building and district-based instructional coaches, and curriculum coordinators.  Note:  We highly recommend that teams of two or three attend together, for example, a principal, a teacher leader or an NGSX facilitator from one’s district, if possible.