About the Science and Engineering Academy Program:

Program Overview:

Through projects that include elements of science, technology, math and science this training will enable teachers to provide (STEM) education in a deeper and more transformative way, and it will focus on school- or district-level support for ongoing development and leadership. In 2015--2016, the content focus will be on life science and engineering.

Project Goals: Good science teaching has been shown to be dependent upon educators who possess the science content and pedagogy to teach for understanding. The VSI Science and Engineering Academy will focus on the knowledge and strategies teachers need to help students engage in science and engineering explorations as well as provide support as they implement their understanding to the classroom in order to be able to:

  • Engage students and uncover their prior knowledge and misconceptions.
  • Promote inquiry and engineering investigations leading to students constructing their own knowledge, and generating explanations and solutions.
  • Help students make meaning through discourse and writing.
  • Help students engage with math and technology to make meaning in science.
  • Develop related engineering design tasks in science units that intentionally include best¬†practices addressed in the course, and standards identified in the NGSS and Common Core State Standards.

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